About Us

The Ellsworth Rod & Gun Club was organized in 1933. The grounds and buildings have been maintained and available to the general public for use. The club especially caters to non-profit organizations and their related activities. To raise funds to support the grounds and activities, the Club has held monthly chicken feeds at the club house for over 40 years. Other specific activities conducted by the club include cooperation in hunter safety programs, trout stream improvement projects, wildlife habitat improvement projects and public conservation education programs. Since 1939 the Club has been engaged in a pheasant release program in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The Club has raised and released approximately 3000 – 4000 pheasants in the Pierce County area annually. In the past several years the Club has run an additional fund raising activity in the form of a banquet held in the fall of the year with all funds generated from the banquet being channeled into renovation and improvement of the pheasant breeding facility maintained by the club.

“Part of our mission in helping to support community endeavors works through fund raising at our monthly chicken feeds. We can donate back a portion of our meal tickets to other non-profit groups or clubs around the Pierce County area.

Mission Statement: To foster, protect and conserve wildlife and our natural resource. To improve hunting and fishing opportunities and provide outdoor recreation for youth and the community